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Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP)

These are some examples of where we have installed GRP in situations where the installation of steel would have proved problematic.

In bridge installations, GRP is preferable due to its weight saving properties over steel.

Over water and in damp conditions GRP can be beneficial due to its non-corrosive properties.

In situations where access is difficult, GRP can be advantageous due to its very low maintenance characteristics.

Friarton Bridge (Perth)

Friarton BridgeFriarton BridgeFriarton BridgeFriarton BridgeFriarton BridgeFriarton Bridge

Installation within the structure of a bridge

Time Capsule (Coatbridge)

Time CapsuleTime CapsuleTime CapsuleTime CapsuleTime CapsuleTimeCapsule

Installation of a complex GRP stucture

Pump House (Ministry of Defence)

Pump HousePump HousePump HousePump HousePump HousePump House

Installation from within a deep confined space

Syncrolift (Ministry of Defence)


Installation of a GRP structure over water

Commercial - Steel Fabrication Building Erection

Commercial Case Study

We have just completed a sub-station for an SSE wind farm. The client accelerated our program from 16 weeks to 9 weeks to complete ahead of the governments downgrading feed in tariff. We brought the project in on time and budget.

Commercial Case Study

The base supporting the wind turbine required 60 tons of heavy steel reinforcement laid in a shape not unlike a flying saucer. The perimeter was shuttered in steel sheet to contain the concrete pour. 3,000 cubic metres of high strength, low shrink concrete was initiated and the concrete was poured continuously over three days.

Commercial Case Study

The three turbine blades used in this project were 36m in length. They required a special delivery vehicle and all collaborated to cut back all of the overhanging tree threat on Cathkin Road, widen the entrance to the site and close the access road over the Cathkin Braes. It took seven days to lift the three blades into their final position which was mainly due to waiting for suitable weather windows.

Commercial Case Study

The mast was brought to site in sections and was assembled as it was erected. The mast stands 94m high and supports the three turbine blades and the gearing/turbine plant room located at the highest point. The electricity created by the turbine is channelled down heavy duty cables to the sub-station where it is fed to the grid.

Commercial - Premises Re-Development

Commercial Case Study

A former Post Office sorting distribution hub in central Grangemouth proved an excellent location for our clients expansion program. The brief was to design and build a facility that would meet the client's unique requirements.

Commercial Case Study

The original industrial building was dedicated to open space with full height eaves and roller shuttered bays to allow access for high-sided vehicles.

Commercial Case Study

Lowered ceilings, state of the art lighting, high quality insulation and floor coverings combine to provide comfortable, modern and flexible accommodation, transforming the original building.

Commercial Case Study

Large floor plates were compartmentalised to provide dedicated offices, meeting rooms and training rooms. We completed the project ahead of schedule and the client met their opening deadline.

Commercial - Under Building Re-Development

Commercial Case Study

The buildings function is to sterilise all Greenock General Hospital equipment, specifically the surgical instruments. It was critical that the existing facility was not compromised and that uninterrupted 24 hour sterilisation was maintained throughout the works.

Commercial Case Study

Extensive ground works were undertaken to reduce the land mass on the west side to facilitate access to the undercroft. This included the re-direction of the main sewer and substantial retaining walls along with pedestrian stairs and access. The undercroft was further extended into the hillside to create the required space to extend the existing boiler room.

Commercial Case Study

This new plant access permitted the lowering of the rock face to extend the concrete floor slab. Some 5,000 tons of earth and rock were excavated from the underside of the existing building, providing the necessary space to construct the boiler room extension and associated plant.

Commercial Case Study

The works were completed and landscaped to the complete satisfaction of the client, with no interruptions to services.

Commercial - Local Housing Authority Re-Development

Commercial Case Study

This is an Edinburgh Council residential block of flats, locally referred to as the "banana building" due to its unique splayed design. Built in 1966, the property houses 215 flats.

Commercial Case Study

In an effort to reduce the buildings carbon foot print, therefore, reducing the occupants heatings bills, the council introduced a "district" heating system. This required Briggs Building to construct a dedicated boiler/plant room on the ground floor of the building.

Commercial Case Study

With the plant room requiring a new gas supply, Briggs Building provided a gas supply housing and associated civil works from the outside to the plant room. The thrust of the contract was to facilitate access for the feed and return pipework, coupled with the associated access for the ancillary electrical and plumbing, to and through each of the 215 flats.

Commercial Case Study

Two 300mm rising mains were ran from the ground floor, through all floors to the plant room located on the building's roof, where reduced pipework ran the length of the roof tying in with the existing storage tank. When the pipework was complete, we sealed all penetrations with intumescent materials and boxed in the pipes for aesthetic appeal. The building was dedicated live .i.e. all of the occupants of the flat remained in residence before, during and after the works, therefore, necessitating the highest standards of workmanship, cleanliness and consideration from our operatives.



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